Be careful eating ultra processed food, risk of mental disorder may increase

Junk Food: Ultra processed foods are dangerous for health. The body takes a lot of time to digest this type of food. This food can rot in the stomach and cause problems like acidity and obesity. A research has claimed that the risk of depression increases manifold due to consumption of ultra processed food. American NGO Sapien Labs has conducted a survey at the global level. In this, 3 lakh people of every age group from 26 countries were included. About 30 thousand people from India were included in this survey. In this research, it was found that people who eat ultra processed foods several times a day are more likely to have mental problems. Let us know what the experts say…

What do experts say

According to mental health experts, ultra processed food increases depression. These foods harm our brain and body. This can cause mental problems like mood swings and depression. Therefore, fresh fruits, vegetables, curd, pulses, nuts and seeds should be consumed as much as possible. They contain elements like omega fatty-3 acids and vitamin E which work to protect the brain from obsessive stress.

what is ultra processed food

Foods that are made in a highly processed manner are called ultra processed foods. These include bread, biscuits, carbonated drinks, packaged chips, snacks, sweets and heat and eat foods. Since nowadays these things have become included in unhealthy lifestyle, ultra processed food is consumed daily in some way or the other.

Ultra Processed Food and Mental Health

In this research it was found that eating ultra processed food increases mental problems like depression. Due to this, problems like sadness, stress and despair are seen. Its risk has been seen to be higher in people between 18 and 24 years of age. Because only people of this age eat such food more.

should should not

1. For mental health, one should avoid consuming processed food.

2. Eating produced food can also cause problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity. Therefore, special care should be taken about diet.

3. Include whole grains, green vegetables, dairy products and fruits in your diet.

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