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“When you forgive others, you forgive yourself.”
“Forgiveness comes easy among evolved souls.”
“The ultimate wisdom is to forgive and forget the hurtful experiences, people or circumstances.”
There is no religion greater than forgiveness. Lord Mahavira said, “Kshama Veersya Bhushanam”, forgiveness is the ornament of the brave. A weak person cannot forgive.
Our National Poet Shri Dinkar opined “Kshama shobhati uss bhujang ko jiske paas garl ho, usko kya jo dantheen, visheen vineet saral ho”, which means the snake which is free from teeth, free from poison or is simply domesticated, and forgives someone or doesn’t bite someone its feat is not a great feat, as much as compared to a snake that has pangs, snake that has poison and yet decides to forgive someone and does not bite the person, in such a scenario such forgiveness is considered to be genuine forgiveness.
Spirituality is all about learning to live in peace under all circumstances and evolving as an enlightened person on the road of life. From the time we are born till we die, we come across different people, relations, challenges, circumstances, mindsets, surroundings and experiences; as a result of which we chart out on a journey that shapes our destiny. The soul is eternal and its journey into different lifetimes is as a result of the collective experiences one amasses it to be carried forward. There are many people who might have caused you emotional pain and mental anguish to such an extent that it would have made it almost impossible for you to forget their atrocities leave alone forgive them on a broader perspective. These experiences impact not just the lives of the experiencer but also carries memories of hurt, angst, dissatisfaction, unrequited love, unfulfilled wishes and sometimes feelings of vindication. There are those souls whose purpose in life is to use spirituality and negate their past life karmas by performing good deeds in the present life.

Our mind is a reservoir of memories, the more experiences, more and more memories it records to be passed on for lifetimes in the subtle subconscious mind. Have you noticed that some people repulse you while some seem to appear as if you have known them for many lifetimes and seem to immediately attract your attention and a special spot in your heart? The soul’s journey is to keep learning from people it comes across in different lifetimes and become a peaceful person equipped with supreme spiritual knowledge to be passed down to posterity. Forgiveness is the only component of spirituality that empties your heart, mind and soul of negativity, grudges, angst, hurt, hatred, jealousy, sense of vindication and sorrow. If you are not able to forgive someone who has wronged you, it means you continue to give that person a special spot in your mind, thoughts, heart and life and continue to feed your mind with negativity that ultimately grows on to become a disease affecting. yourself. When you forgive someone, you become relieved of the heavy baggage in your mind, the load on the back seems to suddenly drop off. Forgiveness gives us inner peace which is what the soul aims to achieve and attain in a lifetime and over the journey of following lifetimes. When you are unforgiving, you are consumed and trapped in the feeling of hatred, ego, pride and hurt.
Forgiveness opens up the doors to peaceful living in the future by breaking the shackles of past hurt.
Forgiveness makes you a bigger/better person than the one who has wronged you.
Forgiveness frees us of the feelings of anxiety, resentment and anger.
Forgiveness enables you to learn the art of living a meaningful life.
Forgiveness may take years of committed effort but never give up on it.
Forgiveness takes away your focus from the pain. It takes away the power from the person who has wronged you.
Forgiveness frees your consciousness of the burden of hatred.
Practice forgiveness by making meditation as a way of life. In all probability the person who wronged you was destined to make you learn the art of forgiveness and come out a much more spiritually enlightened person than those who are consumed by pride and ego.
Authored by: Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni JiGlobal Peace Ambassador

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