If you are not getting results even after sweating for hours in the gym, then know how many minutes of workout will do it.

Workout Minutes: Nowadays people do heavy exercises for many hours for fitness. We sweat for many hours in the gym. But do you know how long you should actually workout to stay fit? Recently, in a report published in Harvard Health, it was told that after studying the fitness, health problems and exercise timing of thousands of people around the world, it was found that there is no benefit in doing more workouts. Therefore, it is wise to do only as much workout as is useful. Let us know what is the research and its results…

What is the new research?

About 72 thousand people aged between 50 to 80 years were included in this research. None of these participants had any heart disease or any disease like cancer. The daily routine of all of them included heavy exercises and physical activities. The researchers studied everyone’s health for about 5 years and monitored every update on their health.

What did the research reveal?

This research revealed that even just 15 minutes of heavy workout or physical activities every week can reduce the risk of death to a great extent. Compared to people who do not do any physical activity at all, people who exercise for 15 minutes a week have a 17 percent lower risk of sudden death due to cancer and heart disease. At the same time, people who do heavy exercise or physical activity for about 50 minutes a week, the risk is reduced by 36 percent. Research has found that those who do heavy workouts or physical activities for 40 minutes a week have the lowest risk of sudden death or death due to cancer. The heart of such people is healthier than others.

Which exercise is best?

According to researchers, 40 minutes of heavy workout a week is best to make someone healthy. Due to this his health remains quite healthy. It has also been found in this research that it is not necessary that one can remain healthy only by doing heavy workouts. You can avoid the risk of sudden death by walking, jogging, climbing stairs. According to research, at least 150 minutes of light physical activities should be done every week. 300 minutes of light workout every week is best to stay healthy. Researchers say that it is not best to do too many workouts at once. This can also be done by dividing it into small parts.

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