No need to cut, no need to cook! Have this dry fruit snack on lazy winter mornings.

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Doodh Makhana recipe: Winter means a lazy season whose mornings are even lazier. What happens is that in winter, after waking up in the morning, I often don’t feel like making anything. Also, there is absolutely nothing to eat due to which people avoid having breakfast. In such a situation, if you find some breakfast which does not take much time to prepare, then life can become so easy. So, this dry fruit breakfast can be best for lazy winter mornings. The special thing is that you do not need to make it, nor do you need to cut or mix anything for it. So, let us know in detail what this breakfast is.

Have this dry fruit snack on lazy winter mornings.

On lazy winter mornings you can eat milk and makhana for breakfast. You don’t have to do anything. If you like hot milk then heat the milk or if you like cold milk then cool it. Then add makhana to it and leave it like this for 5 minutes. When the makhana absorbs some milk, eat it while sitting comfortably. This is your quick breakfast. So, just take time out in winters and have makhana milk for breakfast.

doodh makhana recipe

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doodh makhana recipe

Fatty liver patients should drink the water of these leaves, often people boil them and throw them away.

Benefits of eating makhana milk for breakfast

1. Rich in fiber

Eating milk makhana for breakfast helps in providing energy to the body. It is rich in fiber which fills the stomach and then gives energy. Besides this, the digestive system remains balanced and its functioning remains correct. Apart from this, by eating it early in the morning you will not feel hungry throughout the day.

Drinking a cup of black tea in the morning will not cause heart attack, these diseases will also stay away.

2. Rich in protein

Both milk and makhana are rich in protein and are beneficial for health. This food gives energy to the body and protects from laziness. Besides, it is also a brain booster which works for your health in many ways. So, just for all these reasons and because of paucity of time, you should eat Doodh Makhana for breakfast. So, if you have not tried it yet then definitely try it once.

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