Those who eat eggs in winter should be careful… because fake eggs can spoil their health, this is how to identify them.

Real and Fake Egg: Be it winter or summer, Sunday or Monday, it is advisable to eat eggs daily to stay healthy. These eggs are the best source of protein. As winter approaches, their demand also increases. People can maintain their health in this season by eating omelette and boiled eggs, but one small mistake can spoil your health. Yes, let us tell you that now fake eggs have also started coming in the market, which are made of chemicals, rubber and many other things. Including it in the diet even by mistake can be very costly.

The biggest question is how to identify whether the egg is real or fake, because they look similar in appearance, so let us tell you that by shaking the egg, doing fire test and yolk test, you can tell whether the egg is real or fake within minutes. Can identify. If you are going to buy more eggs at one go, then keep the following tricks in your mind from now on, so that major health issues can be avoided.

don’t eat eggs outside

It would be better if you buy eggs of any brand and bring them home and eat them, because the boiled eggs and omelettes available in the street vendors and shops in the market are mostly fake and made of rubber, hence do not buy eggs from outside and eat them. Rather, bring it home and eat it only after checking it with the tricks given below.

shake the egg in hand

It is very easy to identify real and fake eggs. If you are buying eggs in bulk, first hold one egg gently so that it does not break. After this, shake this egg vigorously. If the sound of liquid is coming from inside, then understand that there is something wrong with the egg, because a real egg never makes a sound when shaken. This is the easiest way to test the egg without breaking it.

try burning the egg

In most of the food products, real or fake can be identified only by doing fire test. If you do not know how to distinguish between real and fake eggs, then do a fire test, because the fake eggs sold in the market are made of rubber or plastic. When you burn the outer layer of the egg, the real egg only turns black, but the flame starts coming out from the fake egg and within no time the egg catches fire. You can buy an egg and identify it through this trick.

check the yolk or shine of the egg

Very few people know that the outer layer of a real egg has no shine, it is soft and blurry to touch. Even in the yolk inside it, the yellow part is completely normal, whereas in the yolk of the fake egg, completely white colored fluid is visible. To identify it you will have to break the egg and see. If white colored liquid is visible in the yellow yolk, then one should avoid consuming such eggs.

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