Why does the risk of heart attack increase in winter? Know the reason.

Heart Attack in Winter: Many changes take place in the body in winter. On one hand, while the risk of flu and seasonal diseases increases, heart diseases also increase significantly. According to statistics, cases of heart attacks increase rapidly in winter. But do you know why the risk of heart attack in winter increases in winter season. Actually, in cold weather the veins start shrinking and becoming hard. To normalize these, blood flow in the body starts increasing, which increases blood pressure. This puts pressure on the heart and causes heart attack.

Reason for increase in heart attacks in winter

Research in the Public Library of Science Journal has found that the risk of heart attack for heart patients increases by 31 percent in cold. When you sleep at night, the blood pressure and sugar level of the body reduces, which the body’s autonomic nervous system tries to normalize in the morning. In this season, the heart has to work harder than normal to do this work, due to which the risk of heart attack increases.

Some other causes of winter heart attack

eat less salt

To keep the heart healthy, blood pressure should be kept under control. One should eat as little salt as possible in winter. Actually, salt works to retain water in the body. The heart has to work harder to pump this liquid. Due to which the risk of heart attack increases.

drink water in limit

In cold weather, people drink less water, which is considered beneficial for the heart. According to experts, drinking more water in this season causes the heart to pump more liquid. Due to which the heart has to work harder and the risk of heart attack increases.

Do not go for a walk early in the morning

In winter, heart patients should not wake up very early in the morning. Waking up early causes constriction of the nerves and in such a situation, it may become difficult to do exercise or walk immediately. Therefore, go out only after there is light sunlight and do light exercise only. Keep the body covered with clothes.

Do not eat oily things

People eat more fried food during winter season. Due to this the amount of bad cholesterol starts increasing. Due to which the risk of heart attack can increase significantly. Therefore, one should avoid consuming parathas and oily things in cold weather.

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