How many times a week should you shampoo? Know the hair care routine according to winter

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Hair care in winter

Hair care in winter: Winters bring with it many skin and hair problems. In this season the problem of dandruff and then hair fall increases. Apart from this, every few days the hair starts looking dirty and oily. Also, people who have dry hair can become even drier. In such a situation, many questions arise in people’s mind regarding hair care, what to do or not to do in winter. Like how many times you shampoo your hair. Which oil to apply in hair? Apart from this, people have many questions regarding hair. Let us know about this in detail.

How many times a week should one shampoo-How often to wash hair in winter

In winter, hair should be washed every 2 to 3 days so that there is no problem of dandruff. You should keep in mind that always wash your hair with distilled water in winter. Neither wash your hair with hot nor cold water, just wash your hair with normal temperature water.

Make a hair polishing mask by mixing these two things in fenugreek, as soon as applied, the hair will become strong from the roots and will get shine.

How to take care of hair in winter

1. Apply light oil

In winter, apply light oil i.e. apply almond oil because the particles of this oil are small and light and get easily absorbed in the hair. Whereas, coconut oil particles are thick and cannot be absorbed into the hair and get deposited. Also, these oil particles can remain deposited on the scalp even after shampooing in winter.

winter hair care routine

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winter hair care routine

With this Korean face mask, your skin will start glowing like a mirror, the effect will be visible in a week.

2. Keep applying lemon

The problem of dandruff persists in winter. In such a situation, applying lemon juice to hair can help in reducing dandruff and itching. So, just take care of these things related to hair care in winter so that your hair always remains healthy. Apart from this, keep conditioning your hair from time to time.

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