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Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. However, in the world of precious stones, there are several alternatives to construct a diamond. All of them are not good or bad, but the problem starts when you get the stone that is not what it’s claimed to be. A fake diamond can also be white zircon, quartz, glass, white topaz, and even white spinel. Therefore, one should know how to spot a fake diamond and keep it close to your heart.
Let’s check out some of how you can spot a fake diamond.
water test
This is one of the easiest tests, where you would just require a normal glass and need to fill three-quarters of it with water. The type of water used does not matter. Next, put a loose diamond inside the glass. If it’ll sink then your diamond is pure. However, if you own a glass or quartz, it will float beneath or will just stay at the water’s surface.
Fog test
The fog test is another easy experiment that one can do. It is safe, easy, and applicable to both diamond jewelry and a loose diamond. Just take a diamond between two fingers, and blow some air on it. On the surface of a real diamond, the fog will disappear immediately. A fake stone on the other hand will keep the vape for several seconds, as due to its high conductivity ability, a real diamond will quickly disperse the heat.
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sparkle test
One can also observe the sparkling ability of the stone with a practical aim, as one needs to pay close attention to the way your gem reflects the light. It is common for a diamond to demonstrate gray and white sparkling from inside and then scatter in rainbow colors around. If it’s a fake, then stones tend to intensify the rainbow-colored reflection with no gray and white presence in its spectrum.
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Dot test
With a piece of paper, draw a dot and then place the jewel from the flat side down on the dot. If you look through the pointed side of a real diamond, you shouldn’t see anything. However, if you look through the pointed side of a real diamond, you won’t be able to see anything. But if your ring is fake, then you will be able to see the dot crystal clear with no doubt.
Black light test

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To conduct this test, turn off all the lights and put your stone under the source of the black light. If you’re holding a genuine diamond, then you will witness an intense blue color on the surface of the diamond. A fake gemstone will reveal itself through other colors including yellow, gray, and green.

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