Prepare frozen peas in just 1 minute, there will be no need to buy them throughout the year.

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How to Make Frozen Peas

Winter is the season for green and fresh peas. Right now the prices of peas have come down considerably. Raw green and fresh peas are easily available in the market. If you want, you can store them for a year. We have to use peas throughout the year. Whether you want to make Matar Paneer or enhance the taste of Matar Pulao, if you add peas then the fun doubles. You can store green peas for the whole year in just 1 minute without any hassle. To preserve green peas, you will need good quality peas. Therefore this season is good and best. You can keep frozen peas in the home freezer. Know what you need for this.

Prepare frozen peas from green peas

  1. To preserve peas, first peel the green peas and take out clean and good grains.
  2. To preserve peas, you have to take only soft and good quality peas.
  3. You can take as many peas as per your need and store them.
  4. Now put water in a vessel on the gas to boil and when it boils, put peas in the water.
  5. Add about 1-2 spoons of sugar in peas, this will maintain the sweetness and taste of peas.
  6. Cook the peas for just 2 minutes and then leave them in boiling water for 5 minutes.
  7. With the help of a strainer, take out the peas from hot water and put them in cold water and then spread them on a cloth.
  8. Now without any delay, put the peas in a zip bag and close it and keep it in the freezer for storage.
  9. When the pea season is over or when needed, take out the peas and use them.
  10. In this way you can store peas for the whole year and avoid buying frozen peas from the market.

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