Never eat these things with eggs, it can damage these body parts.

Egg contains many types of nutrients which are very beneficial for our health. Eggs rich in protein are considered very good for muscles. Eating eggs also keeps the heart healthy. Rich in nutrition and powerhouse, egg is the best thing to eat in breakfast. You can eat eggs in any way, be it boiled, omelette or in any other way.

However, there are some things in eggs which are very harmful for the body. Today we will tell you through this article which things should not be eaten with eggs. 

Egg should never be eaten with fried meat

You must have noticed that people eat eggs with fried chicken and mutton. But for your information, let us tell you that this should not be done. This combo has dangerous effects on your health. Both contain a lot of fat and protein. Which may cause laziness in your body. It can also make you lazy. 

Egg should not be eaten with sugar

Never eat sugar with eggs. Because it can have many side effects. If these two are cooked together then amino acids are released which can be like poison for the body. This can cause blood clot problems. 

Soy milk and egg

People who do heavy workouts often eat soy milk with eggs. Eating egg with soy milk causes difficulty in digesting protein. 

Tea and Egg

Eating eggs with tea can cause constipation. Which can cause great harm to your health. 

It is not right to eat eggs with milk products 

Egg should not be eaten with milk products. Eggs should not be eaten with beans, cheese or milk products. 

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