The child’s memory is very weak, he cannot remember, so here is the solution to this problem.

The problem of children’s weak memory and not remembering their studies is a common thing. Children have trouble learning and remembering new things. There can be many reasons for this – like the child’s lack of interest, distraction, inability to remember much information at once, etc. In such a situation, parents should find a solution to the child’s problem. Some good methods can be adopted to increase the child’s memory power and ability to concentrate. If the child is taught and explained properly, he can learn and remember quickly. Let us know here..

Teach according to the child’s interest
Children learn the things they like and are interested in quickly and are able to remember them better. Therefore, when we teach or explain something to children, we should keep in mind their interests and preferences. For example, if a child likes to read stories, then teach him through stories. With this he will learn quickly and will also be able to remember. This is a better way for children. 

Teach the same topic in small sessions
Teaching the same subject for a long time can be tiring for children. Therefore, we should teach the same subject by dividing it into small sessions. For example, if we are teaching a chapter of mathematics to the child, then the entire chapter should not be taught in one sitting. Rather, one should take a break after teaching for 10-15 minutes and then continue further studies.

Teach in a playful way 
Just by teaching children, they get bored quickly. Therefore, we should also include some games and fun activities while teaching. When we are teaching a new thing, we can teach for 10-15 minutes and then take a break of 5 minutes. During this time, we can play some puzzle game or play any other game of children’s choice. After this studies can be started again. 

Show examples and pictures while teaching 
We can take help of examples and pictures to help children understand and remember anything new. When we teach children If you are giving any new concept or information, then instead of explaining it in just words, explain it by showing some examples or pictures. For example, if we are teaching about trees and plants, we can show pictures of some trees and plants. 

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