Popular Actor Confesses To Dating Both Men And Women

A BL (boylove) star’s interview about his past relationships has resurfaced!

Last year, the Thai BL series Pit Babe, a live-action adaptation of a book series, began airing, immediately attracting attention for its surprising premise.

BL Series Gains Attention For Featuring A Controversial Fanfiction Concept

One actor in the series is “Nut” Supanut Lourhaphanich, who made his lead actor debut in Oxygen The Series in 2020.

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He has since appeared in three other series, including Pit Babe, steadily gaining popularity with each appearance.

Amid the success of PitBabe, a past interview with Nut recently gained attention due to the actor talking about his romantic relationships!

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In January 2023, Nut was interviewed by the YouTube channel Khotkool. During the video, the interviewers asked the star how many relationships he had had, and he stated three.

The first was with a girl in school, saying that they met while playing an online game and were able to arrange an IRL meeting later.

His second relationship was also while he was in school with an older student while he was in 10th grade. Nut recalled how their relationship began, admitting that he didn’t initially understand his interest.

At boarding school, there were many beds in a room. I was sleeping then sudeenly a guy laid down next to me. All of a sudden he hugged me. […] I was confused. I didn’t understand back then, can boys love each other too? I was just confused.

— Nut, fan translation via @scareuhehe/TikTok

After that, he asked the boy’s friend, who explained everything. However, this relationship ended in heartbreak as his boyfriend cheated on him with a girl.

Nut’s third relationship was with a man he began chatting with on Facebook. The pair were first online friends before it moved into romance, lasting for seven years.

Unfortunately, Nut says he suspected his boyfriend had met someone else, which began a “fierce argument.”

I felt for sure that he had met someone else. I gave him all my trust all along and we had been through a lot together. We ended up in a fierce argument. I was hot tempered and told him to break up.

— Nut, fan translation via @scareuhehe/TikTok

Shortly after the breakup, Nut regretted things and asked if they could get back together. Instead, his boyfriend said they should take a break and come back together later, which has not happened for “many years.”

It is rare for stars to discuss relationships like this openly, regardless of their work, so this was refreshing for many! You can check out the video below.

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