SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Unexpectedly Comments On An Instagram Post

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon unexpectedly commented on a post.

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American stop-motion animation studio LAIKA Studios is known for its feature films Coraline, The Boxtrolls, and ParaNorman. 




Recently, LAIKA Studios’ official Instagram account posted an announcement regarding the 15th anniversary of Coraline. It will return to cinemas with a Remastered 3D version.

The caption revealed that it won’t be exclusive to the U.S. but will be released worldwide. So, an excited fan commented their location…

It was SEVENTEEN’s Vernon.


Vernon commented with the pleading emoji and “korea,” hoping that “worldwide” included his location. Fans were so shocked to see him in the comment section!

ariana what are u doing here 😭

— allyson (@vernonlovebot) February 7, 2024

vernon the cinephile that u are 🥹🫂

— allyson (@vernonlovebot) February 7, 2024

this is what we look like when we ask seventeen to tour our countries lmao

— steph VERN MONTH (@vernonlovenotes) February 7, 2024

He just wants to watch Coraline in 3D!

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