Popular Singer Blocks Fans, Posts Now-Deleted Statements Over Pro-Palestine Boycott

Musician Rad Museum recently reacted to fans’ efforts to inform him about Pro-Palestine boycotts.

Rad Museum | Kohai

Following the worldwide focus placed on the humanitarian issue in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian BDS National Committee shared a list of brands to boycott, placing them in categories.

Boycott Article (7)

Many brands cited as being boycotted on social media, like Starbucks, are not part of actual BDS boycott targets but have since been included as organic targets.

The BDS movement did not initiate these grassroots boycott campaigns but is in support of them due to these brands openly supporting Israel’s genocide against Palestinians.

— BDS on organic boycott targets

K-Celebrities have been pressed not to promote these brands intentionally or unintentionally, with some signs of change being seen.

Is Change Finally Happening? K-Pop Groups Begin Flaunting Other Coffee Brands On Socials Instead Of Starbucks

This pressure was recently placed on musician Rad Museum, a 33-year-old under You.will.knovv, the record label home to Dean.

The artist earned nominations for Best New Artist and Best R&B/Soul Album at the 2018 Korean Music Awards following the release of his debut mini-album, Scene, and recently completed an American tour alongside labelmates Miso and Tabber.

| You.will.knovv

On February 9, Rad Museum shared a story that featured him holding a Starbucks cup and pointing out something on it to the camera.

A fan shared that they sent him a message about not posting Starbucks and McDonald’s, giving some background information on why he was being asked to do so.

| @dprcolde131/X

Hyung (Bro), I love you and have a lot of respect for you as an artist. But please do not post [things like this] because Starbucks and McDonald’s support genocide. It is better to refrain from posting about these brands, so I hope you understand.

— Fan

They then said that Rad Museum blocked them, showing a screenshot of the artist’s account now looking empty, as it does when someone who is blocked is looking at it.

lol https://t.co/WUa5xAcmlq pic.twitter.com/oYNrqPuUbZ

— 찬 (@dprcolde131) February 10, 2024

Other fans also reported that he blocked them over their own messages, saying they attempted to inform him why he was asked not to unintentionally promote Starbucks.

I hope rad museum flops!! Blocked me for educating him about why he shouldn’t support Starbucks. Hope you get cancelled bitch and you go broke after this :))

— Cam (@manikordeihamil) February 10, 2024

Rad museum blocked me and reported my account all because I sent him videos of what’s happening in Palestine.

— il🧚🏾 (@naflacore) February 10, 2024

The artist then posted two now-deleted Instagram stories, the first telling viewers not to push their opinions on him and making comparisons to people consuming and using animal products.  The second story was a shorter version of the first and included the message to unfollow him if they didn’t want to see his content.


Don’t push your opinion on me. I’ll just eat whatever I want, whether I drink Starbucks coffee or something else.

Don’t you feel guilty about the meat you eat? Don’t you feel guilty about the leather you wear?

Don’t be nosy, just take care of yourself and your family.

Just shut up and unfollow me if you don’t want to see my Instagram.

— Rad Museum’s first story


Don’t tell others what to do and please don’t push your opinion on me.

Just shut up and unfollow me if you don’t want to see my Instagram. 🖕

— Rad Museum’s second story

Fans expressed their disappointment in the artist over his reactions to their concerns.

rad museum is never coming back from this… pic.twitter.com/yTDiIgTgzw

— rory ♥︎ (@aeongslee) February 10, 2024

idk what to say… i’m honestly so disappointed in him and blocking people who are trying to educate you???

— rad museum (@_radmuseum) February 10, 2024

rad museum is blocking people for asking him not to support starbucks…. oh his ass got a special place reserved for him in hell thats for sure 🫥

— ౨ৎ (@KUR0MlN) February 10, 2024

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