Korean Netizens React Against (G)I-DLE’s Possible Reference To Soojin

(G)I-DLE’s speculated reference to Soojin in their new music video has received mixed reactions from Korean netizens. After the two music videos for “Wife” and “Super Lady,” (G)I-DLE recently treated fans with another buzzworthy release, “Revenge.” The noir-like music video was a surprising shift from the group’s usual style of filmography, highlighting their powerful storytelling.

However, another element of the music video that made it a hot topic among netizens was a speculated reference to Soojin, the former member of the group who had to leave (G)I-DLE in the midst of a heated school bullying controversy.

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In 2021, Soojin got embroiled in school bullying accusations, following which she had to depart from the group. Though the idol denied the allegations vehemently, and evidence showed she was found innocent during the School Violence Committee when the incident actually happened, the public vitriol against her continued.

But since her departure, fans have often spotted multiple hints (G)I-DLE’s new songs that make a strong case for alluding to the former member. In the “Revenge” music video, netizens noticed that a piece of paper on the board included former member Soojin‘s birthday, which is March 9, 1998.

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While most international fans seem to be thrilled about this possible homage to Soojin, Korean netizens were rather sour about it. They blamed the group’s leader, Soyeon, and CUBE Entertainment for greenlighting this idea, though some came to defend the group as well.

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| Nate Pann
  • “No, but why is it there….?”
  • “What is Cube doing? If this was Jeon Soyeon’s idea, what was she thinking, including Seo Seoojin’s birthday like that? And it’s not even Cho Miyeon’s birthday.”
  • “This is really f*cked up.”
    – “Seriously, why is SEO Soojin there?”
  • “Why do you guys care if she’s there or not, lol. The music video was f*cking well made.”
  • “You f*cking morons, whether Jeon Soyeon puts Seo Soojin in the music video or her own parents, why does it bother you, lol. Go and solve at least one more mock exam for the college entrance exam if you wish to catch up with even 1/10th of Jeon Soyeon’s annual income.”

Though Soojin might not have the acceptance of the general Korean public yet, her solo career is already off to a promising start. She recently made her first public appearance as a soloist, generating much interest in her future activities. You can read more about it here.

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