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Author: Prashant Desai, Longevity Sherpa, Stanford School of Medicine (Nutrition Science, Exercise Physiology, Gut Health)
Ghee is saturated fat, Ghee increases cholesterol. Ghee increases triglycerides. Ghee is bad for the heart. Ghee is made from milk. Ghee is this. Ghee is that.
LIE: Limited Idea Entertained.
To ’em, I say: Oh lovely Ghee, I love you! God of foods.Most misunderstood. Sadly omitted. Often ignored. I travel to the US often to attend Longevity conferences and almost every time, someone will pay their respects to India for giving the world ghee! They call it clarified butter. How and why the West fell in love with our ghee and why did we have a break-up?
A lot has to do with the power of marketing by the vegetable oil companies. They wanted you to have ‘good for your heart’ oil and targeted ghee as saturated fat! Sad. They won. Sadly, the other day, at lunch, I saw my colleagues having roti without ghee. When asked, ‘ghee makes you fat!’ was their defense. Really?
I absolutely love my daughters. They start their day with homemade ‘nashta’, made in ghee. They have two teaspoons of ghee on their roti or rice. Their dosa’s are made in ghee. They have idli in ghee. When hungry, they resort to khakhra with ghee, roti with ghee, plain rice and ghee. They add ghee to every meal. It’s vital for their physical & mental health.
How ghee can help in both weight gain and weight loss
Busting myths

  • Ghee has a unique carbon structure that makes it exactly the opposite of saturated fat. It contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), a powerhouse that burns the stubborn fat around your belly.
  • Ghee is lipolytic, increases lipids in the blood & hence reduces cholesterol. Ghee contains Short Chain Fatty Acids (best fats), CLA and fat-soluble vitamins like A, E & D, best for your heart health, Ghee also keeps cancer at bay and your blood pressure on the down low.
  • Ghee is made by removing water & milk solids from milk and has all the goodness of milk.
  • Best super food for pregnant women to manage thyroid function, lactation & Vit D deficiency.
  • Prebiotic for your gut friends. Keeps them happy. Also, anti-allergen. Improves constipation.
  • When added liberally to any food (rice/roti/dal/sabji), reduces the glycemic index, reduces the glucose spike, reduces oxidative stress, protects the endothelial layer of the blood vessels, prevents Atherosclerosis.
  • Is anti-bacterial and antiviral, often added to food to recover from illness.
  • Is antioxidants that make your skin anti-wrinkle and anti-aging (beauty effect).
  • Also acts as a lubricant for joint health (oxygenates).
  • Keeps your spine erect (why Pehelwans have over a liter a day)
  • Also delivers nutrients to the brain, critical for memory.
  • Increases satiety. Makes you feel fuller. Increases leptin hormone.
  • Put in on your feet at night, sleep better.

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Grandma, ma, me, my kids, their kids, their kids, their kids.
5 ways you can include ghee in the diet in a healthy way
Go overboard with ghee. I have more than what people think and less than what I must. I start with ghee in my black coffee. You can add to your black tea as well.
Which is the best ghee?
Homemade comes first. Then Made from desi cows (not Jersey). Next made from desi buffalos.
There is no bodily function that does not benefit from ghee. As the great Chanakya said, “Yaavat jeevet, sukham jeevet rinam kritva, gritam pibet” (as long as you live, live happily, beg, borrow or steal, but relish ghee.).
Take a loan, have ghee.

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