Know what to do to avoid heart blockage, when to go to the doctor

Heart Blockage: As rapidly as our lifestyle and eating habits have changed, the cases of heart attacks have also increased in the last few years. For some time, the number of people dying from heart attacks is also increasing rapidly. Heart blockage is also a cause of heart attack and heart diseases. Because of this, heart related risks are increasing rapidly. In most cases, symptoms of heart blockage are not visible, hence they are more dangerous. In such a situation, some things should be kept in mind. Let us know every information related to heart blockage…

what is heart blockage

A condition when the heart beats at a very slow speed or in an abnormal manner is called heart blockage. Blockage in the heart can occur due to problems like increasing age, heart attack or coronary artery disease, increased potassium level and increased cholesterol. It is often seen that most of the symptoms of blockage are not detected on time. Due to which, in most of the cases, heart attack can occur at any time even without symptoms. Therefore, with timely treatment, the problem of heart blockage can be avoided.

How to detect heart blockage

1. According to the doctor, if you want, you can detect heart blockage within 1 day. In CT coronary scan, an injection is given for 5 seconds and X-ray is taken for the same period of time. The entire process takes maximum 5 minutes. This lets us know what percentage of blockage has reached 10, 20, 50 or 80. This also gives information about the location of the blockage. The cost of getting this test done is 8 to 10 thousand rupees.

2. In first-degree heart block, symptoms are not visible and they can be known only after examination. Whereas, 2-degree heart block is known as Mobitz Type 1. In most of the people, symptoms are not visible, but some people may experience problems like dizziness, fainting, chest pain or difficulty in breathing.

Symptoms of 3. degree heart block include fainting, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, sometimes confusion and chest pain.

How to prevent heart block

Due to heart block, sudden unconsciousness can lead to injury, low blood pressure, damage to the internal organs of the body and problems like heart attack. Therefore, to avoid this, a healthy lifestyle should be maintained. You can protect yourself from this problem by exercising, eating a balanced diet and staying away from smoking. Don’t forget to consult a doctor from time to time.

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