What causes fatty liver? Also know how diabetes affects it?

Nowadays chronic liver disease and non-alcohol fatty liver disease is spreading very fast. Type 2 diabetes mellitus is associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). This is especially due to obesity and insulin. If a person has diabetes, can he suffer from fatty liver? This doctor says that this is absolutely false, if someone has fatty liver then his chances of getting diabetes increase. Many times it happens that even if you do not drink alcohol at all, the chances of fat accumulation in your liver increases due to your poor eating habits. 

The amount of fat in the liver of any person is very less or negligible, but when fat starts accumulating in the liver cells, then gradually the liver becomes swollen. This causes the problem of fatty liver. When someone has fatty liver problem, the amount of calories in the body gets converted into fat and starts accumulating in the liver cells. Due to this, swelling in the liver starts increasing. If the problem of fatty liver becomes more serious, there is a risk of liver damage. When the amount of fat in the body increases by 10% than the weight of the liver, then in such a situation the liver turns into fatty liver. It also affects the digestive system. The biggest difficulty is that many times people come to know about the problem of fatty liver late. In such a situation, protection becomes very difficult. In such a situation, it is important for you to know about fatty liver. Let us know how many types of fatty liver are there? What are the symptoms of fatty liver and how can fatty liver be prevented?

How many types of fatty liver are there?

1- Alcoholic Fatty Liver- Alcoholic fatty liver occurs due to drinking alcohol i.e. drinking alcohol in excessive quantities. Due to this, fat starts accumulating in the liver and the liver becomes swollen. People who drink too much alcohol start having fatty liver problems.

What is the prevention- A person who is suffering from alcoholic liver problem should not drink alcohol for 6 weeks. Due to this, the inflammation of the liver starts reducing and the only solution for this is to quit alcohol.

2- Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver- Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver is mostly caused by diet. By eating oily food or eating too much outside food, some elements get included in the body, which has a direct impact on your weight. Due to increasing obesity or diabetes, a person may have the problem of fatty liver. This also often happens due to eating one type of food for a long time. Keep in mind that do not eat the same food for a long time. 

What is the prevention- To avoid this problem, eat food variedly. Do not eat too much fried food so that you do not become obese. Keep exercising so that you stay fit.

Symptoms of Fatty Liver 

Well, if seen, no symptoms are visible in the beginning, but gradually through some problems it can be known whether there is fatty liver disease or not. Let us know what are the symptoms of fatty liver.
1- Feeling like vomiting often.
2- No appetite at all.
3- Food is not digested properly.
4. – Feeling tired often.
5- Feeling sudden weakness.
6- Weight loss.
7- Swelling in the upper part of the stomach.

Why does fatty liver occur?

The two most important reasons are one is drinking alcohol in excess and second is not taking care of food and drink. However, despite these reasons, there are many other reasons due to which the problem of fatty liver can occur. Know. 

1- Eating chillies and spices in large quantities
2- Type-2 diabetes
3- Excessive obesity 
4- Increase in fat in blood
5- High cholesterol
6- Decreased metabolism
7- Genetic reasons

Prevention of fatty liver?
Apart from medicines, there are some home remedies by which you can prevent fatty liver. You can adopt these home remedies to keep yourself fit and avoid fatty liver. 

1- Drink plenty of coconut water, pulses, pulse water and buttermilk. 
2- Do exercise daily, even if more or less, do not forget to exercise.
3- Consume garlic. Use garlic in all vegetables.
4- Have your meal before 9 pm, do not eat late at night.
5- Give up alcohol and smoking completely.
6- Chew any food thoroughly.
7- Eat less foods that increase weight.
8- Consume broccoli, fish, avocado as much as possible.

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