Digital Dementia: Use phone for hours.. may it lead to ‘digital dementia’, read full news

Digital Dementia: Nowadays, in this digital world, a large part of people’s daily life is spent on screens. People are spending hours on the screen of their phone, TV or laptop. Children have now been confined from the fields to the phone screens. From food to studies, from entertainment to talking, children have become increasingly addicted to mobile phones. Due to which the risk of digital dementia in children has started increasing significantly.

Let us know what this new disease is-

What is digital dementia?
Excessive use of digital devices like phone, computer, laptop, internet etc. reduces the capacity of the brain. People start forgetting, do not remember things, keep things somewhere, search for them somewhere and productivity also decreases, this is called digital dementia.

How to protect children from digital dementia

  • Try to reduce children’s screen time. Instead of spending time on the phone, try to see children more in the playground.
  • Use copy-pen instead of relying on mobile, laptop for writing.
  • Encourage children to learn new skills, such as new language, new dance, new music, new game.
  • Sitting for a long time and doing everything on the phone also increases the chances of diseases like obesity in children.
  • Keep the environment of your home very good. Children learn a lot from their parents. In such a situation, develop their thinking style, habit of reading books, habit of traveling outside etc.
  • Feed puzzle games to children. Due to which their brain will be stressed and their intelligence will also develop. Develop the habit of exercising in children.
  • Talk to children, understand and explain them. Also make them realize how much difference there is between the real world and the reel world of mobile.

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