Why is packet flour not good for health? The risk of these diseases is increasing

People living in cities use packet flour. But for your information, let us tell you that eating rotis made from packet flour causes harm to health in many ways. Not only this, it causes many serious diseases like obesity and diabetes. In such a situation, the question arises that what kind of flour should be eaten which is beneficial for health. 

People living in metro cities use packet flour. Because their lifestyle is so different from the people living in the village that they have no other option. But the most surprising thing is that the bread which you eat well can gradually make you sick. In fact, many health experts believe that the type of ground grains you eat has a direct impact on your health. Many types of preservatives are added to the flour available in the market. Which completely destroys the nutrients found in grains. 

It is dangerous for health

The flour available in the market is ground so finely that all its nutrients are lost. There is absolutely no fiber in this flour. In such a situation, it is very difficult to digest packaged roti. To make the flour white and look good, poor quality rice flour is mixed in it. To prevent the flour from spoiling quickly, chemicals are also added to it. Eating packaged flour causes diabetes, obesity and digestive problems. This is not at all good for health. 

Flour should be like this for health 

If you want to take special care of your health then you should eat flour alternately. You can use multigrain flour instead. But the thing to note is that this packet should not be closed. If you get ground flour from a mill then it is even better. The flour which contains more bran is very good for both stomach and digestion. Eating fiber rich flour keeps obesity under control. Mix maize, jowar, ragi, soybean and gram in wheat flour and grind it. This is absolutely best for the stomach. 

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