These 5 symptoms are visible when periods are missed, then get a pregnancy test done immediately.

There are many disturbances in women regarding periods. Sometimes periods come early, and sometimes they are a little late. At the same time, periods may get delayed due to stress, change in diet or any other reason. But always come on time and this time there is a delay of more than a week, then pay attention to some symptoms. These symptoms indicate pregnancy.

Are hormones the cause?

Being pregnant is a matter of great happiness for a woman. The first symptom of pregnancy is missing periods. Sometimes periods get delayed due to hormones. But if it has not come for a week or two, then there may be chances of pregnancy in it. If there are chances of pregnancy, you can keep an eye on many changes in your body.

These changes will occur in the body

These changes can reveal the true reason for missing periods. If you feel that you may be pregnant, then pay attention to the changes seen in your body. Changes are seen in the mood of women during pregnancy. So if your mood is swinging, then get tested. Women feel very tired during pregnancy. If you are facing problems like nausea in the initial symptoms of pregnancy, then get a pregnancy test done once.

early symptoms

It is common to feel tired in the initial stages of pregnancy. This happens due to hormonal changes. Women also suffer from dizziness during pregnancy. Apart from this, early symptoms of pregnancy include difficulty in breathing. Not only this, if you have heavy breasts, dark area around the nipples, vomiting, frequent urination, light bleeding and other symptoms like these can be signs of pregnancy.

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