Now AI will not only listen to the heartbeat, but will also tell the condition of the heart.

Nowadays, cases of heart attack are increasing, due to which everyone is worried. But, now there is a good news. Researchers have created an AI device that can understand our heartbeat and tell whether there is any danger in it. This device can detect with 80% accuracy if there is any abnormality in your heartbeat which may prove dangerous in the future. Earlier, we had to go through tests and lengthy procedures to get such information, but now with the help of this device, we can easily and quickly know the condition of our heart.

Know how it works
In a new discovery, some scientists have created a special kind of device. This device is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can tell with 80% accuracy the risk of someone having a serious problem in the heart. Some scientists from Britain have created this device, whose name is VA-ResNet-50. This device was used to check the heart (ECG) of people in their normal routine at home between 2014 and 2022. It was found that about 159 people had very dangerous heart disease, 1.6 years after ECG. This AI tool looks back to check whether someone is likely to suffer from a heart-threatening disease, and it made the correct prediction four out of five times.

This may reduce the risk three times
If the heartbeat becomes too irregular, the heart can suddenly stop, depriving the person of oxygen and leading to unconsciousness or death. Therefore, with early detection we can treat and reduce the risk. Professor Andre, who created this device, said that the methods currently in place are not so accurate, and sometimes people can lose their lives. If this device says there is a danger, then the danger for that person is three times more than for the general public. Using AI to quickly detect and treat threats can save lives.

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