The face of others starts looking like a devil…this happens because of this special disease.

Imagine if it ever happens that you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and you see your ears, nose and mouth extended backwards, what would you feel. The biggest thing is that when you go out, you start seeing the same faces of everyone. Obviously you will get scared and immediately go to the doctor. At the same time, people who are not very educated will probably go to an exorcist for exorcism.

However, let us tell you, this happens due to a specific disease and its treatment can only be done through medical science. Is close. Let us tell you what is that disease and what happens to you that the faces of others start looking like devils to you. What is this disease? p>

Actually, this disease is called prosopometomorphopsia (PMO). This is a very rare neurological disorder. So far only 75 cases have been reported worldwide. Many times doctors unknowingly associate it with madness. However, this is not madness but a neurological disorder i.e. a type of mental condition due to which human faces appear strange to the patient. Who got this disease? /p>

At present this disease is in the news because a person in America has become suffering from it. In fact, when 59-year-old Victor Sharara in America woke up one morning, he started seeing the faces of the people around him in a strange way. At first he thought this was an illusion. But when the situation started getting worse, he felt that perhaps there was a problem with his eyes. He immediately reached the doctor. He underwent many tests in the hospital. Later it was found out that the problem was not in his eyes but in his brain and he was suffering from a rare neurological disorder like prosopometomorphopsia."">Crocodile Babies Gender Change: Does the gender of crocodile babies change due to temperature, know the science behind it.

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