The face reveals the secrets of all the body parts, this is how to identify where and what is the problem?

Skin Signs: Do you know that the healthier your skin is, the better your health. The body parts continue to function properly. Very few people know that skin reveals the secrets of all the body parts. Doctors also diagnose many diseases by looking at your skin. Experts say that if the signals of the skin are understood, the organs can be saved before they get damaged. Know how to find out from the face the condition of the organs…

Problems of pimples i.e. digestion problems

It is quite common to have pimples on the face, but if pimples persist only on the cheek area and do not seem to be reducing, then it means that your stomach is not getting cleaned. There is a problem of digestion. If pimples are appearing under the cheeks then it means there is some problem in the lungs. You should go and get tested immediately.

Dark circle means kidney failure

Dark circles occur due to watching too much screen or not getting proper sleep, but despite this, if dark circles have formed under the eyes then it means that the kidneys are not working properly. To avoid this problem, first get tested.

White head means PCOD problem

Having pimples on the chin means that hormones have become unbalanced. If there is a problem of white hat or acne in the chin area, it means that you have a problem related to gynecological health. In such a situation, problems of PCOD or PCOS may also occur.

Swelling on eyebrows means problem in liver.

If there is swelling or itching around the eyebrows or any other problem, then you should immediately consult a doctor and get a liver test done. Skin problems on eyebrows can also be related to liver.

Pimples on forehead means stomach problem

Pimples on the forehead mean that there is a problem of infection or malfunction in the small intestine. Apart from this, it can also be a stomach related problem. Due to this, pimples may appear. If you want to avoid this, you should stay hydrated.

Pimple on upper lip means heart problem

Upper lip is a very sensitive area of ​​our skin. It is very rare for pimples to appear here, but if it happens, it means that your heart is not working properly. There is a problem in its functioning.

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