Beer, whiskey and rum are intoxicating, what will happen if you taste pure alcohol directly?

When any person drinks alcohol, the alcohol is not digested immediately but it rapidly enters the blood circulation. After which it gradually reaches all the other parts of the body. Alcohol first of all affects the brain. Then it also affects your kidneys, lungs and liver. Alcohol has different effects on the age, gender and weight of every person. 

Beer, whiskey and rum are intoxicating, but what will be the effect if we taste pure alcohol directly? We did a lot of research in search of the answer to this question. In the end, we were satisfied with some of the answers written on Quora that we have brought for you. A person named Jack Wexon writes on Quora that I have actually tasted pure alcohol recently. 

Drinking pure alcohol can cause digestive problems

Jack Wexen writes that recently I tried to taste isopropyl alcohol, which is pure alcohol, with my finger. As soon as I put a drop in my mouth, it felt as if someone had set fire inside my mouth. Whereas I had tried only one drop and not much. But I say from experience that this was the most painful drink I have ever had. If you just want to taste it then it is still fine but if you try to drink it then it may cause digestive problems. 

The taste of mouth will get spoiled for 2 minutes

If someone tastes pure alcohol, the entire taste of the mouth will be spoiled for 2 minutes.

What did the National Capital Poison Center say?

Pure alcohol is fine as long as one drop is tasted. But if you are thinking of drinking a shot or a glass or two, then it can prove to be serious for your body. National Capital Poison Center has clearly said that pure alcohol is fine to taste but if you drink too much of it then it can cause problems. 

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