If bad cholesterol increases in the body, these symptoms start appearing, it can increase the risk of heart attack.

High cholesterol is a serious physical problem. Which proves to be very dangerous for health. In such a situation, it is very important that it is treated in time. Otherwise its side effects will start appearing on the body. High cholesterol should never be ignored because it can prove dangerous for the body.

Cholesterol can be dangerous for heart health

Cholesterol is very dangerous for heart health. To keep the heart healthy, extra fat and bad cholesterol have to be stopped in time. Due to serious diseases like heart attack and stroke, the risk of many problems increases. Due to this cholesterol starts increasing. But what is it and why does it increase?

Today we will know what are the symptoms of increase in cholesterol in the body?

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is made through the liver. Which is like a fat. It is very important in the production of cell membranes, digestive system, vitamin D and some essential hormones. It dissolves in blood. Lipoprotein particles are required for this. Which reaches the blood through cholesterol.

There are two types of lipoproteins. A density lipoprotein called bad cholesterol. So the second density lipoprotein (HDL) is called good cholesterol. Due to increase in bad cholesterol many types of diseases start increasing in the body. Good cholesterol is beneficial for the body. There is a risk of heart attack and stroke due to bad cholesterol.

Symptoms of increased cholesterol in the body

to sweat

When you start sweating excessively, understand that bad cholesterol has increased. Because bad cholesterol is bad for the body.

pain in legs

If there is pain in the legs without any hard work then it could be due to increased cholesterol. Therefore it should not be taken lightly. If this pain persists for a long time, consult a doctor immediately.

chest pain

Increased bad cholesterol can also be the cause of chest pain.

Disclaimer: Some information given in the news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you must consult the concerned expert.

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