Gut bacteria reduces the risk of heart attack! Scientist told the connection between the two

To keep your heart healthy and stay away from heart attack or heart related diseases, it is most important that your cholesterol remains under control. Scientists have made a tremendous discovery in this direction. On the basis of his many researches, he has said that some bacteria found in the intestines keep cholesterol under control and also reduce the risk of heart related diseases. 

Researchers have revealed in a study published in a journal that there are many species of bacteria found in the intestines. This bacteria is both good and bad. The special type of bacteria present in it helps in digesting cholesterol and controlling its level. 

More than 1400 people were included in this research

According to the research, data related to more than 1400 people included in the Framingham Heart Study was analyzed. For your information, let us tell you that this research has been going on for decades. In this, thorough research was also done on the factors that could cause heart disease. The researcher found that a bacteria named ‘Oscilobacter’ plays an important role in digesting and metabolizing the cholesterol around it. People who have high levels of this bacteria in their intestines have low cholesterol levels. 

What do the research results say?

Research has made it clear that if we work more on this in future, we can avoid heart related problems by correcting the intestinal microbiome. Apart from this, it has also been revealed in this research that the changes in the intestines affect your health and many diseases to a great extent.

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