If you are drinking apple cider vinegar to get fit then keep these 5 things in mind

Apple Cider Vinegar: Nowadays people are ready to follow any trend to get into fitness and look slim-trim. Some people are drinking apple cider vinegar early in the morning on an empty stomach. Which is said to be helpful in weight loss. However, people are not paying attention to how many side effects it has (Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects). Due to which their health can deteriorate rapidly. Know here what are the disadvantages of drinking apple cider vinegar…

1. Digestion may worsen

Drinking apple cider vinegar for a long time can be harmful for digestion. If you drink it on an empty stomach for more than 15 days continuously, it can damage the digestive system. Since apple cider vinegar contains high acid, which can seriously damage the stomach lining. Drinking too much of it can cause problems like stomach swelling, gas and indigestion. People who have problems like acid reflux or gastritis should avoid it.

2. Sugar level may increase

There are many benefits of consuming apple cider vinegar but it is not necessary that it is equally beneficial for everyone. Especially diabetic patients should avoid its consumption. According to experts, apple cider vinegar controls blood sugar but when it is consumed on an empty stomach, the effect becomes reverse. By doing this the blood sugar comes down and the condition can worsen.

3. Harmful for tooth enamel

If you are drinking apple cider vinegar without mixing it in water, then you should be careful, because it can cause damage to your teeth. These have high acetic content, which can completely damage the tooth enamel. Due to this, the color of teeth may also turn yellow.

4. Reaction with medicines

Apple cider vinegar can also react with some medicines. Therefore, if you are taking medicines like insulin, diuretic, digoxin, then drink apple cider vinegar only after consulting the doctor.

5. Esophagus may be damaged

Due to the high acid content in apple cider vinegar, the layers of the esophagus can get damaged. Sometimes it may also face the problem of shrinkage. In such a situation, the consumption of apple cider vinegar should be limited.

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