Know what is the right way to break the fast after 9 days? Otherwise you may fall ill

Chaitra Navratri 2024: If any person breaks his fast after a long fast of 9 days, then we have brought special tips for him through our article. Immediately after breaking the fast, do not eat anything that may create imbalance inside the body. Often people make such mistakes after breaking the fast, due to which they have to face many physical problems. Like gas, acidity, insomnia, heartburn etc.

Some people start eating oily, spicy and spicy food immediately after breaking the fast, due to which their digestion is adversely affected. Immediately after breaking the fast, do not eat anything that can make you seriously ill.

Keep your diet plan like this for a few hours after breaking the fast.

Immediately after breaking the fast, do not eat anything that can make you fall ill:

Do not let there be lack of water in the body

Drink plenty of water on the day you break your fast. Do not allow any kind of water deficiency in the body. Because the heat is very high, if there is shortage of water in such a situation then there will be problem. Also drink 1-2 coconut water if you want to avoid eating.

Include probiotic diet

Include probiotic items in your diet. Like buttermilk or curd. This improves digestion. Besides, it becomes easier for the body to digest normal food.

Do not eat too much fried and sweet

Avoid eating fried, sweet or ghee based things. Because you have eaten light things during the 9-day fast and eating heavy food suddenly can spoil the digestion process.

Avoid eating too spicy and spicy food

After breaking the fast, avoid eating too many sweet, spicy, fried things. Spicy food can spoil your health. It can cause stomach irritation and acidity.

eat slowly

Do not rush to eat as soon as you break your fast, rather eat slowly and comfortably. Only then will your food be digested easily. If you eat in limited quantity then your health will not deteriorate.

Disclaimer: Some information given in the news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, you must consult the concerned expert.

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