Child’s mental health can deteriorate due to lack of sleep, health expert told this reason

Adequate sleep is very important for the mental health of children. According to recent research, due to lack of sleep in childhood, it has a negative impact on the brain of children when they grow up. Especially the risk of psychosis increases. 

A special kind of research done in Britain

This research was done by researchers from Britain’s University of Birmingham. 12 thousand children have been included in this research. And their sleeping patterns were monitored. In this special type of research, the researcher included children aged between 6 months to 7 years and paid special attention to their sleep duration. After this, what effect it has on their mental health after 24 years was also evaluated. 

Revealed in research

The results of this research were very shocking. The researcher found that children who consistently slept less. When he grew up or rather when he reached his young age, the risk of psychosis increased four times. Psychosotic is a disease in which a person’s attention gets diverted from reality and delusions arise. 

In this research, the direct causal relationship between lack of sleep and psychosis has been proven. The link between these two has been proved. In this research it has been said that the child should have complete night sleep. If the child is having any problem related to sleep then he should definitely consult a doctor. Important steps should be taken in the beginning to prevent psychosis. 

Adopt these special tips for good sleep for your child

Put children to sleep and wake up at a fixed time every day. 

Do not show TV or mobile before sleeping. Use electronic devices as little as possible. 

Create a calm environment before sleeping

Do exercise daily. It is beneficial for good sleep. 

Good sleep for a child is not only important for physical development but is also important for the mental health of the child. For the health of children, it is important for parents to take special care of their habits. So that the child sleeps well. 

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