Alert! The risk of these diseases may increase in the coming months, especially women should be careful.

Women often become victims of dehydration in summer. Due to dehydration i.e. lack of water in the body, most women often have to face many problems in summer including UTI and irregular periods. Especially women need to follow some precautions in summer. Today we will tell you how a woman can avoid dehydration. 

People in North India are suffering due to heat

It is extremely hot in North India. The mercury has already crossed 40 in Delhi NCR. According to the Meteorological Department, the heat may increase further in the coming months. According to health experts, people are facing many health problems due to excessive sweating and heat stroke due to strong sunlight. The biggest danger in summer is dehydration. When there is a lack of water in our body, dehydration occurs. 

These health problems can occur in summer

People may face many physical problems due to excessive heat. Like- the risk of dehydration, heat stroke, viral fever, UTI, diarrhea, migraine, kidney stone, eye infection and stomach infection increases significantly. Lack of water in the body is the biggest cause of dehydration. Due to this, health also suffers a lot. Due to lack of water in the body, there is a lot of fatigue, high BP and sugar level is affected.

In such a situation, people must drink 3-4 liters of water every day so that they keep themselves hydrated. Kidney stone cases increase rapidly in summer. The biggest reason for this is lack of water. If there are kidney stones, there may be burning sensation while defecating, bleeding, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, back pain and frequent toilet problems. Symptoms like fever can also appear on the body. 

Avoid drinking sugarcane juice in summer

According to doctors, health problems like typhoid, jaundice as well as gas occur in summer. People should avoid eating open and leftover food for a long time during summer. By doing this, diseases spread very fast. Ice used in fruit juice can also prove to be very dangerous for health. In this season, people drink a lot of sugarcane juice but it often causes jaundice and typhoid. Especially avoid drinking these juices. If someone sweats a lot in summer or is showing symptoms of vomiting, nervousness, nausea, dizziness, increased blood pressure or heat stroke, then it is very important to get timely treatment. According to cardiologists, heart patients need to take special care in summer. 

If a person is constantly sweating in summer, he may be a victim of dehydration. Not only this, women can also face problems related to periods. In summer, periods may last longer. During periods, women often become victims of urinary tract infection i.e. UTI. Because in very hot environments women become victims of bacteria. Due to excessive sweating, the electrolyte balance of the body starts deteriorating. Skin itching and UTI may also occur. 

Women should avoid eating these fruits in summer

Women should avoid eating too many fruits like mango, papaya, pineapple. Because due to this the stomach becomes very hot and the uterus starts shrinking. Periods are also greatly affected by this. Women should drink a lot of water in this season. At the same time, special care should be taken about the cleanliness of the body. Along with this, a healthy diet should be taken. This will prevent any disease from entering the body. 

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