Drinking alcohol not only damages the liver, it can cause 200 diseases, you will not be able to believe it

Side effects of alcohol consumption: Some people consume alcohol for fun and some to forget their sorrows. But this alcohol acts as a slow poison for our body, which can cause many diseases and its excessive consumption can damage the liver and also affect the heart. So let us tell you today which diseases can be caused by drinking alcohol and why you should stay away from it.

Drinking alcohol can increase the risk of these diseases

Liver Damage
Alcohol directly damages our liver, if a person drinks alcohol in large quantities every day, then it has a bad effect on his liver and the body takes alcohol as a toxin. It destroys liver cells and can also cause a serious disease like cirrhosis, which can further take the form of cancer. Not only this, consuming alcohol in large quantities can also cause fatty liver problems.

Affect Heart Health
Yes, excessive consumption of alcohol can cause blood clotting in the body and it directly affects your heart health. Experts believe that a person who consumes too much alcohol has a lot of difficulty in pumping blood in his heart and this increases the risk of heart disease and in many cases, heart attack can also lead to death.

affect the nervous system
Consuming alcohol in excessive amounts can also affect our nervous system, it can cause brain related diseases, the ability to speak, think and remember things decreases. The body can tremble, balance can be lost and there is also a risk of serious diseases like depression and brain damage.

People who drink too much alcohol have a lack of nutrients in their body and due to lack of iron, you can become a victim of anemia. This is a condition when the amount of blood in the body becomes very low and due to low amount of blood in the body, problems like weakness, dizziness, fainting can occur.

Alcohol is also directly related to cancer. Yes, people who consume too much alcohol can get cancer in the mouth, throat, voice box and food pipe. Apart from this, the risk of liver, breast cancer and intestinal cancer is also high.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Before implementing any suggestion, please consult the concerned expert.

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