What is the ‘brain-eating amoeba’ Naegleria fowleri?

A strange case has come to light from Kerala. Actually, a 5-year-old girl went to take a bath in a pond on May 1. On May 10, the girl started showing symptoms of fever, headache and vomiting. The girl’s condition worsened so much that she was put on a ventilator. But the medicine was not having any effect.

amoebic meningoencephalitis disease

According to news received from sources, a strange disease called amoebic meningoencephalitis has been detected in Malappuram district of Kerala. Actually, this is a serious disease related to infection in the brain. A 5-year-old girl died due to this brain infection. This infection is caused by dirty water.

The girl was ill since May 1

According to sources, a five-year-old girl suffering from mebic meningoencephalitis has died. This disease is caused by free-living amoeba found in dirty water. They further said that the girl, a resident of Munniyur Panchayat, died on Monday night at the Maternal and Child Health Institute of Kozhikode Medical College. Where she was undergoing treatment for more than a week.

What was the whole matter?

According to doctors, this infection occurs to a person when free-living amoeba found in dirty water is found in water. It enters the human body through the nose. According to sources, the girl had gone to bathe in a pond near the village on May 1. After which she started showing symptoms of fever, headache and vomiting.

Other children who had bathed with the girl in the same pond are also being monitored. However, they have been discharged after being found free of infection. The disease was previously reported in the state’s coastal Alappuzha district in 2023 and 2017. The main symptoms of the disease are fever, headache, vomiting and seizures.

Let us know why it is called Naegleri Fowleri?

In fact, in colloquial language, Naegleria fowleri is called brain eating amoeba. Even before this case, many people have died due to this amoeba in India and many countries of the world. There is a 97 percent chance that the person will not survive. This is considered an incurable disease. In this disease, brain cells start getting damaged.

What is brain eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri?

Naegleria fowleri is a special type of amoeba. It is also called a free living organism. This clearly means that it does not need an ecosystem to survive or support it. It can thrive anywhere in the world. It can usually be found anywhere in lakes, rivers, ponds and warm water.

How does this amoeba spread its infection

The risk of infection from this amoeba arises when dirty water enters your nose. Due to this, the amoeba enters the brain. This amoeba damages brain cells. It is already present in water and when someone goes swimming, this amoeba makes him its prey. It is found in water that has not been cleaned for a long time. This type of amoeba is found in dirty water that has been stagnant for a long time. It is found in water when enough chlorine has not been added to that water or it has not been cleaned properly.

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