How dangerous is the disease that Alka Yagnik suffered from? Know the prevention method along with the symptoms

Alka Yagnik Rare Hearing Disorder: Bollywood’s famous singer Alka Yagnik, who adds charm to Hindi films with her voice, is herself battling an illness these days. The singer has shared this information on her Instagram account. The singer said that she has completely stopped hearing. She is suffering from a rare sensory neural nerve hearing loss disease.

Alka Yagnik shared the post on June 17

Last Monday, on June 17, she posted a picture on her Instagram and said that she was not able to hear anything after getting out of the flight. The singer further writes that I request my fans to pray for me. After this incident, I could not understand for some time why this happened to me, but I am gathering courage and sharing this with you people.

What is the disease of rare sensory neural nerve hearing loss?

According to doctors, this is a rare sensory neural nerve hearing loss disease. Let us know in detail what happens in this disease? According to the English portal, in the rare sensory neural nerve hearing loss disease, the patient starts having trouble in hearing. After a while, they may also stop hearing. Actually, this happens due to damage to the cells inside the ear i.e. the cells found in the cochlea. This is a common ear-related disease. In this, the nerves through which sound reaches from the ear to the brain are completely damaged. This causes the problem of rare sensory nerve hearing loss.

This problem often occurs due to increasing age. If someone has suffered a head injury, then this disease can also occur in the nerves of his ears. It can also be caused by a viral attack and Meniere’s disease. In its initial investigation, it is found out how much the patient is able to hear and how he is responding.

Symptoms of this disease

Difficulty hearing or understanding conversations

Better hearing in one ear than the other

Strange noises coming from the ears, like bells ringing.

How can we escape?

If you are standing in a place with loud noise then close your ears

Be careful while wearing earbuds while listening to music

keep getting your hearing checked

If there is any problem, definitely contact the doctor.

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