Be careful if your body starts swelling suddenly, it might be due to water retention.

Water Retention: Water retention is such a dangerous disease, due to which water starts filling inside the body and due to this the body starts swelling. Due to this, swelling increases in the muscles of hands, legs, face and stomach. The weight keeps increasing and decreasing every other day. If this serious disease is identified early, it can be prevented, but if its symptoms are ignored, the problem can become severe. Therefore, whenever symptoms of water retention are seen, one should go to the doctor without panic. Let us know what is water retention and what should be done to avoid it…

What are the symptoms of water retention?

swelling in feet, ankles

redness and irritation of the skin

swelling of fingers and toes

swollen fingers

sudden weight gain

What causes water retention?

According to health experts, water retention can happen due to not one but many reasons. However, the main reason for this is eating too much salt. When too much salt reaches the body, the sodium level increases. This is why it is advisable to eat less salt or avoid it altogether to avoid water retention. Let us tell you that water retention can occur in women due to hormonal imbalance, excessive sugar consumption, serious heart and liver diseases. Therefore caution should be taken.

What to do to prevent water retention

1. Include green vegetables and nuts in your diet.

2. Include potatoes, bananas and walnuts in your diet.

3. Eat things rich in Vitamin C.

4. Stay away from stress, this removes water retention to a great extent.

5. Yoga and exercise should be done regularly.

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