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In India, ask any person what vegetables they dislike, and pat will come the answer – Karela and Baingan. Often, these two veggies are hated by people of all age groups. Baingan or brinjal is a purple-coloured vegetable that’s said to contain several nutrients and can be used to make a variety of dishes. While people love the Bharta and Chokha made with this vegetable, it’s the Aloo Bainganwhich has recently been voted as the “Worst-rated foods in the World”.

Recently, online food portal Taste Atlas released a list of “Top 100 worst-rated foods in the World” and Aloo Baingan bagged the 60th position in this list. It’s a gravy dish that’s prepared with potato, brinjal/eggplant, onions, tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste, a melange of spices and a garnish of coriander leaves. Often consumed with Tawa Roti, this dish was given only 2.7 ratings out of 5. Indians might disagree with this listing, as many of us love to indulge in this gravy dish.

The top position was bagged by ‘Hakarl’ from Iceland as the worst-rated food and is prepared from cured shark meat that undergoes a fermentation process for 3 months. This dish has a pungent taste, and is served in a toothpick with a local spirit called ‘brennivin’. Those trying it for the first time may not like it at all. While it is a much-loved dish by the people living in Iceland and is often considered a national delicacy, tourists do not enjoy it at all. What makes it the worst dish is the ammonia content of this dish, which can make a person choke.

ramen burger

While Iceland topped the list, it was the Ramen Burger from the US that was listed in the second spot. This dish is prepared by making a burger with a ramen noodle bun, which is stuffed with a meat patty. The third spot was taken by Yerushalmi Kugel from Jerusalem, which is a casserole dish that has noodles mixed with caramelised sugar. People love to have this sweet dish on popular Jewish holidays.
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