If you also get itching due to wearing high neck, then protect yourself like this

In severe cold, people wear different types of warm clothes. People wear woolen sweaters and high necks more during cold days. But for your information, let us tell you that high neck sweaters protect you from cold but due to these sweaters, itching starts around the neck. People whose skin is very sensitive should not wear a high neck even by mistake. They start having problems with rashes, spots, pimples, dry skin and redness. After wearing high neck the skin starts becoming dry.

Wearing a high neck often causes itching in the neck. To get rid of this, you can apply cream. Anti-itch lotion can also be applied gently to get immediate relief. Anti-itch lotion has a soothing effect. Which plays an important role in reducing itching. of moisturizer

Use cream before wearing high neck

Skin starts becoming dry in winter. When highneck wool is rubbed on dry skin, it turns red and starts itching. Therefore, whenever you wear a high neck, moisturize your neck before that. By moisturizing the skin properly, itching and itching are reduced. You also get relief from redness and blisters.

Avoid itching again and again

Wearing high neck often causes itching. Therefore, avoid scratching where there is a high neck. Because the more you itch, the redness will increase. Due to this, bleeding starts due to itching. Due to this, one can become victim of diabetes and itching.

Can do cold fomentation

If itching increases then it is very important to do cold irrigation. However, cold and cough also increase in the cold season.

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