If you want to get rid of cold then make Vicks at home like this, you will need only 3 ingredients.

Homemade Vicks Process: Winter season is going on. It is extremely cold in many places. In such a situation, the risk of diseases is also increasing rapidly. The problem of cold and cough troubles a lot in this season. Especially small children suffer from cold and cough more often. In such a situation, Vicks is also used along with home remedies. This provides relief to children from cold and cough. However, if you want, you can make Homemade Vicks for your child at home instead of buying it from the market. These are considered quite good. Let us know how to make Vicks at home…

How to make Vicks at home

Instagram handle cozymeal has explained how to make Vicks at home. Many tips related to children’s health can also be seen on this page. It has been told that home made Vicks can be used for children of any age starting from 6 months old.

Ingredients to make Vicks at home

Ghee- 2 spoons

Camphor tablets- 10-12

Salt or rock salt – half teaspoon

Make Vicks at home like this

1. To make Vicks at home, first take a pan.

2. Now add two spoons of ghee in it and let it heat well.

3. Now add 10-12 camphor used in puja.

4. After this add half teaspoon salt or rock salt and let it melt well.

5. Let it heat until smoke starts coming out from this mixture.

6. After this, take it off the gas and put it in a container and then leave it to cool.

7. When this mixture cools down, it will take a shape like Vicks.

8. Now apply this Vicks on the soles of children’s feet or chest.

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