Immunotherapy treatment is the last hope for cancer patients, know how it saves lives.

Cancer is a very dangerous disease, due to which crores of people are suffering from it today. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to treat cancer. But a new treatment called immunotherapy has given a new hope to cancer patients. In immunotherapy, the immune system of the patient’s body is strengthened so much that it starts fighting the cancer cells on its own. That is, in this treatment, an army against cancer is created inside the body which fights the cancer cells and helps in eliminating them. 

Know what the research says 
According to a recent study published in the cancer journal Cell, immunotherapy is effective in treating some patients with endometrial (uterine) cancer and colorectal (rectal) cancer. It may prove to be a very effective treatment for cancer. In this study, 1,655 cancer patients were analyzed. Of these, a deficiency called mismatch repair deficiency was found in 6% of endometrial cancer patients and 1% of colorectal cancer patients. Due to this deficiency, the ability of body cells to self-repair DNA is reduced. Researchers found that such patients responded much better than other treatments like immunotherapy. That is, immunotherapy proved to be a better option in these patients. 

Learn how immunotherapy  Therapy 
This  Studies have shown how beneficial immunotherapy can be for some patients with endometrial (uterine) cancer and colon (rectal) cancer. Immunotherapy is a treatment that strengthens the patient’s immune system so that it can attack the body. Can fight the cancer cells present. With this treatment, cancer patients are able to live longer with good quality of life. Even in the last stage of cancer, it will work more. In fact, in many cancer patients, the ability to repair DNA decreases, due to which cancer spreads. But immunotherapy works by removing this deficiency and saves the patient. 

Cases are increasing rapidly all over the world 
Cancer cases are increasing rapidly all over the world, which remains a big challenge for the health department. According to a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, there has been a 79% increase in new cases of cancer in people under the age of 50 in the last 30 years. It is estimated that by 2030, cases of first stage cancer Can increase up to 31% globally. These figures are very worrying. 

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