Your beloved does not eat food without mobile, so be careful, otherwise this habit will prove costly.

Child Mobile Addicted: Do you also put a mobile phone in your child’s hand to fulfill his insistence? If yes, then be careful from today itself, otherwise big trouble may arise. Because his habit of looking at mobile can make him a victim of dangerous disease like Myopia at an early age. Which has a direct impact on the eyesight of children. Therefore, avoid giving mobile phones to children to lure them while eating or crying.

Myopia is a dangerous disease.

Myopia is an eye problem in which there is difficulty in seeing. Due to its impact, the eyes are unable to focus on distant objects and their vision gets damaged. Due to this, vision becomes blurred. This problem is seen in young children. However, it can also be cured after the age of 15 years.

What are the symptoms of myopia


Anything far away appears blurry, nearby objects appear closer.

straining eyes to see

blinking frequently

Eye pain and burning problem

how to avoid myopia

reduce screen time

To protect children from myopia, they should be prevented from watching mobile, TV, computer for a long time. His screen time should be reduced. The child’s time should be used for some other work, so that he does not spend too much time on the screen.

send children out to play

Children sit inside the house and keep playing games on mobile phones. In such a situation, ask him to play outside with friends. Take him yourself to a park or open place. This will reduce his screen time and prevent him from falling prey to diseases.

promote indoor games

Divert children’s attention from mobile games and divert it to indoor games. Make a habit of playing such games which will have a good effect on his mind. He enjoyed playing these games and also learned something new.

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