Now there will be no delay in finding out whether Covid is positive or negative, corona diagnosis can be done through AI tool

Covid AI Tool Test: Australian researchers have developed a system to detect Covid infection through AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool. With the help of this tool, Covid infection can be detected through a person’s chest X-ray. Its result is 98 percent accurate. This tool is being considered very important and beneficial in the investigation of Covid. Let us tell you that at present RT PCR test is done on a person to detect Covid infection and in many cases it also fails to give accurate results. In such a situation, this AI tool is going to prove very effective in investigating Covid.

Now Covid can be tested through chest X-ray

Giving information in this regard, Professor Aamir H ​​Gedomy of the Data Science Institute under the University of Technology, Sydney said that in the era of public health and global economy, the need for more effective tools to detect Covid has been felt for a long time. Was staying. There was a need for such tools through which Covid could be detected immediately and all these tools should be automated. Currently, Covid test is done through PCR and it is very slow, expensive and can sometimes give wrong results. To confirm the diagnosis, the radiologist needs to manually examine the CT scan or X-ray. But often this process takes more time.

Easier than CT scan

He said that the new AI tool can be more beneficial in those countries where the level of Covid infection is very high and there is a shortage of radiologists in comparison to the Covid cases in those countries. Chest X-ray can be done anywhere in the world and compared to CT scan, it also avoids the risk of radiation. Professor Gandomi said that this AI tool provides an end-to-end solution, after which there is no need for manual search of biomarkers. Let us tell you that thanks to this AI system, testing for Covid infection in the world will become very easy and convenient.

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