Get regular eye checkups done after 40, vision starts decreasing with time.

After the age of 40, eyesight starts decreasing. We are not saying this, but everything changes with age, so this is often said about the eyes too. If you keep your diet and lifestyle good then your eyes will remain healthy. In such a situation, doctors often suggest that after the age of 40, keep getting regular eye checkups done. Because with advancing age, a disease often makes a person its victim, that is glaucoma. If cataract disease is detected in time, you can avoid it. As glaucoma increases, the pressure on the eyes increases and the optic nerve of the eyes starts getting damaged. Due to which a person can also become blind. Once eyesight is lost due to glaucoma, it cannot be regained. 

Reasons for increasing glaucoma

Due to increase in glaucoma, severe headache, redness of eyes, itching, blurred vision can be symptoms of glaucoma. Especially the patients of BP and diabetes catch this disease quickly. 

Types of Glaucoma

Open Angle Glaucoma

In this, water keeps circulating around the eyes. Also, water keeps coming out from the eyes continuously. Due to which the eyes get affected. And the power to see starts becoming blurred. 

In this type of glaucoma, there is a problem with the trabecular nerve. This can be a genetic cause. This disease can also occur during pregnancy. 

Angle closure glaucoma

Redness of eyes and pain occurs in this type of glaucoma. In this, eyes start watering. 

Causes of Glaucoma

In this the eyesight starts becoming blurred.

BP and diabetes patients may suffer from this disease with increasing age. Its initial symptoms are severe pain in the eyes and forehead, redness of the eyes, nausea, vomiting, nausea etc.

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