This deadly cancer is taking the youth in its grip, be careful of such habits… otherwise it will happen.

Colon Cancer: Cancer is also one of the many causes of death of people around the world, due to which crores of people die every year. According to a recent report, cancer is rapidly affecting the youth these days due to which it is very difficult to save them from death. Yes, we are talking about colorectal cancer, which is also called colon cancer. It is affecting both youth (men and women), experts believe that some habits in young age can cause this cancer.

What is Colorectal Cancer?

Colorectal cancer, also called colon cancer or rectal cancer, is a type of cancer that starts in the cells of the colon or rectum and gradually reaches the digestive system. Colon cancer often starts with the growth of a cell called a polyp, which over time turns into cancer.

What do experts say

A report by the American Cancer Society on colon cancer states that this is the first time that colorectal cancer has become the leading cause of death in youth. It is increasingly making young people its victims, according to experts, the biggest reason for this is lifestyle and diet related disturbances, which can cause colon cancer to develop rapidly.

colon cancer symptoms

Now it comes to how to recognize the symptoms of colon cancer? So the first problem in this can be frequent diarrhea or constipation. Having a blood clot in the rectum or bleeding in the stool, apart from this, problems like constant cramps or pain in the stomach, gas, not being able to empty the stomach completely during bowel movements, feeling weak and tired and passing urine rapidly even without trying. Weight loss is its common symptom.

These Habits increasing the risk of colon cancer

Many reports have shown that people who are overweight also have a higher risk of colon cancer. Apart from this, habit of smoking, previous family history, continuous consumption of high fat, high calorie foods, consumption of red meat, habit of drinking alcohol can make you a victim of this cancer.

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