Must eat these things during periods, there will be no weakness and tiredness

Girls often feel tired and weak during periods. In such a situation, one should take special care of diet, otherwise one has to face a lot of problems. During this period, some girls experience heavy bleeding while others experience less bleeding. Some girls also start having period cramps. But the most important thing is to take special care of diet during periods. There is a craving to eat many things during periods, but you have to keep in mind which thing will cause bloating. And what is unhealthy for you? What should most girls eat or not eat during their periods? They don’t even know.

Know what diet should be followed in which phase of periods.

follicular phase

The period from the first day of periods till the ovulation phase is called follicular phase. Estrogen levels increase during this entire phase. And the uterine line starts forming again. Healthy fats should be eaten in this phase. Like- pomegranate, flaxseed, pumpkin and sprout.

ovulatory phase

Estrogen levels increase during the follicular phase. So it is also called ovulatory phase. This ovary produces eggs. This increases the chances of getting pregnant.

Green vegetables are eaten in this phase. For example, vegetables like turnip, broccoli and cabbage should be eaten.

luteal phase

The phase before the arrival of periods is called luteal phase. That is, when the egg is fertilized and many changes take place in the body. During this period many types of problems also start in the body.

Vitamins during luteal phase

Foods rich in C and zinc should be eaten. Include things containing magnesium and vitamin B-6 in your diet.

There is deficiency of nutrients in the body during periods. Because a lot of blood comes out from the body. Eat things rich in iron.

read this also, If these problems start occurring in the ears, understand that this is a sign of a heart attack, do not ignore them even by mistake.

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