Desi ghee can solve these 2 skin related problems in winter

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desi ghee on face

Desi ghee on face: People’s skin problems increase in winter. When the skin starts cracking from inside, sometimes problems related to dry skin also start occurring. Apart from this, winter also brings with it many skin related problems. In such a situation, an old remedy for all these skin problems is to use desi ghee on the face. Actually, desi ghee contains many elements which can remove skin related problems in winter. Apart from this, there are many reasons knowing which you can use desi ghee. Let us know what are these reasons and why we should use this home remedy.

Benefits of applying desi ghee on face

1. Effective in dry skin

The problem of dry skin increases rapidly in winter and you can see its effect widely. What happens is that cold snatches moisture from the face and then makes the skin dry from inside. In such a situation, use of desi ghee rich in Omega-3 can help in removing the problem of dry skin. It hydrates the skin from within and locks moisture in the face. This reduces the problem of dry skin.

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2. Treatment of dryness

The problem of dryness troubles a lot in winter. The skin starts bursting from within and layers of skin become visible from above. In such a situation, use of desi ghee can help in reducing dryness of the face. Apart from this, it is also rich in Vitamin E which is helpful in boosting collagen in your skin and improving its texture.

dry skin

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dry skin

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How to apply desi ghee on face- How to use ghee for face

You can apply desi ghee directly on the face and then massage the skin by moving your hands in circular motion. Another way is to mix gram flour in ghee and add some milk to it. Prepare a paste of all and apply it on your face and massage it. After keeping it like this for some time, wash your face with lukewarm water. If nothing else, you can apply it before sleeping at night and massage your face.

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