These three herbs will help you in controlling thyroid, know how to use them

black cumin
Do you know that black cumin can prove helpful in eliminating thyroid related problems? The elements present in black cumin help in balancing thyroid hormone levels. According to a study, people aged 22 to 50 took black cumin for 8 weeks. This improved his thyroid hormone level. Besides, body weight also reduced. Therefore, if you have thyroid related problems then definitely use black cumin. Take it in the form of tea, soup or salad. This will help you maintain hormonal balance.

Tulsi has many properties which can be beneficial for health. Anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties are found in it. These properties can help in reducing thyroid problems. Boiling basil leaves in water and drinking it or chewing it can provide relief from thyroid related problems.

Many such properties are found in Ashwagandha which can improve the balance of our hormones. These hormones control many functions of our body. Drinking Ashwagandha powder boiled in water can improve hormonal balance. Antioxidant properties are also found in Ashwagandha which help in reducing oxidative stress harmful to the body.

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