If uric acid has increased then start taking these herbs, see how you get miraculous benefits immediately?

Wrong eating habits harm our body. Many types of diseases start occurring due to this. One such problem is increased uric acid. Uric acid is a white substance found in blood and urine. When its quantity increases, pain, swelling and fever start occurring in the body. Also, a burning sensation is felt while urinating. Small stones also start forming in the body, which causes more pain in the joints. Due to increase in the amount of uric acid in the body, problems like arthritis start occurring, this is called hyperuricemia.

The more uric acid increases, the more the joint pain increases. This turns into inflammatory arthritis. Uric acid reaches the joints and forms crystals in place of the cartilage. There are some herbs in Ayurveda that can remove uric acid from the body and provide relief from pain. Let us know about those herbs…

Macao is a plant that bears green fruits, which turn yellow or orange when ripe. Macao fruits and leaves have properties which are very beneficial for the body. Whenever uric acid increases in the body, one should eat mango. Increased uric acid levels can be reduced by drinking the juice of macao leaves or eating vegetables made from its fruits. Consuming macao also provides relief from problems like swelling and arthritis in body parts.

Patharchatta or Punarnava
Patharchatta or Punarnava is a plant that grows from rocks. According to Ayurveda it has many health benefits. The increased level of uric acid in the body can be reduced by boiling the leaves of Patharchatta and drinking it or by cooking and eating the leaves. Patharchatta is also called magic leaf. It helps in fighting many types of diseases.

Gokhru fruit is very beneficial for the body. Its fresh or up to 1 year old fruits can be used. Crush these fruits and put them in water and drink this water after 1-2 days. This water of Gokhru fruits helps in reducing the increased uric acid levels in the body.

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