Are you also drinking Protein Shake after workout, the disadvantages are dangerous.

Protein Shake Side Effects: Working out is considered good to stay fit and lose weight. Most people have started going to the gym these days. You must have seen that after exercising, people drink protein shake from the bottle to increase their muscle power. Some people consume protein shake early in the morning. But is protein shake beneficial? Many side effects of such supplements have been found in many researches. In such a situation, let us know what are the disadvantages of drinking protein shake after workout…

Why you should not drink protein shake after workout

1. This is not a good option for protein

Health experts and dieticians recommend taking meat, fish, eggs, milk, pulses and soybean for protein. Protein shake does not figure in these, because it is not a good option for nutrients. There is a risk of imbalance in the composition of the nutrients found in it.

2. Stomach problems may increase

Protein shake is not considered good for the stomach. Its consumption may increase gastrointestinal problems. It has also been claimed in many researches that it contains too much carbohydrate, which can spoil the digestion.

3. Many harmful things can happen

Many times cheap and low quality protein shake is also purchased. It contains very dangerous and harmful things like mercury, arsenic, cadmium and lead. Due to which problems like fatigue, weakness and headache can occur.

4. Risk of increasing insulin levels

Taking protein powder after a workout can increase insulin levels to a great extent, hence before consuming such products, its ingredients should be known so that many types of harm can be avoided.

5. The problem of pimples may increase.

Protein is very important for body strength. It works to create new cells and repair old cells. However, due to this, pimples and acne may occur on the face. The bioactive peptides present in it can also increase the production of sebum.

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